Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rockhopper's List

Rockhopper told me that I need to get these things for the cpps.
1. VPS
2. A Crew(Staff members)
3. Mappers, And Coordinators(Designers, and Coders)

The VPS will need to be bought from you! If you do that, you will become a owner, and your friend that you know will become an owner, aswell as your name will glow.

Want to join the crew? Send a application to my e-mail
Explain why you want the position and your desired username(CANNOT BE THE POSITION OWNER)

Want to be a designer or coder? Tell me how good are you, and then tell me your e-mail so I can have you edit the cpps. If you will do that you get your name to glow!


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